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Donna Gets it Right ----

12-13 -03

Observations at Year's End

Here we are, nearing the end of another year. Why do they seem to go by so fast as we get older? A lot has happened this year, some good and some not so good. I’m looking forward to more good and hopefully will learn from the bad.

First of all I’d like to thank Jack and Dan, for letting me squeeze my way onto this website with more than just a membership, and have a column of my own. Like most people who have joined, I got an email from a friend telling me that HSHS has this cool website and that I should go there and join. I figured what the hey, it’s free and it’s got to be easier to use than that “other” website. Lo and behold, it IS easier. AND you can talk to people, email them, find out what they’ve been doing since school without having to provide a VISA number. The really great part of it is I’ve met so many people from other classes. I’m the only regular active member from the class of 1981, and that’s OK.

You guys ROCK!

For those of you who live close enough, please try to make it out to one of the SC Get-Togethers. You won’t regret it and it’s always fun to put a face with who’s been posting. I’ve really made some good friends

I appreciate those of you who have emailed me privately to tell me how much you enjoyed a particular column. Whether it was funny, or thought- provoking, or if you just agreed with something I was ranting about. I’m not a writer by trade, no formal education or anything. I just like to get my thoughts down. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s a story and sometimes it’s just something that has irritated me and I want others to know about it! Thanks to all of you.

The War continues, and like Jack, I thank all of the service men and women who risk their lives everyday, so I can sit here and type this stuff, so my kids can go to school, so we can all live FREELY. You are in my daily prayers.

Hurricane Isabel ravaged through our lovely state. My youngest daughter and I slept on the living room floor. Every time the wind wailed she snuggled closer to me and kept asking if the roof was going to blow off. My trees were spared, but my electricity wasn’t. We were out for 2 days. Not everyone was so lucky, some people had no electicity for weeks. (I did feel guilty for whining because I couldn’t get a Diet Coke with ice) It was great seeing people pull together to get the cleanup done. In some parts of the state, cleanup is still being done. I don’t even think a final estimate has been figured for what the damages cost. Some places will never look the same again, or at least not until the trees grow back. Plant a tree today.

My daughter broke her leg in October, jumping across hay bales. 50 kids all playing in the same area. If anyone should have been hurt, it was my 2 ½ year old son. He was running in front of the older kids, They were jumping over him, on him and running past him knocking him down. But my Hannah was the one that got hurt. She was trying to follow the other kids who were displaying their jumping prowess. She broke the tibia and fibula (both bones that go from the knee to ankle) and was in a full leg cast for 5 weeks and wheelchair bound for a time too. Now she’s in a half cast and hopefully by next Monday if everything looks good, the whole cast will come off.

Then the hard part starts. Physical therapy. Now my daughter is not allowed to even look at a bale of hay, much less jump off one. (I do have to admit, the handicap parking is a definite perk.)

May next year will bring you more good things, less bad and hopefully better weather. Keep on posting and spread the word about Springer Connection. It truly is where your friends are!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Until next year……


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