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Donna Gets it Right ----

4-17 -03

Spring Home, Fall Back -- on Memories

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve put anything up here. But I have the same excuse as everyone else. I have been consumed with watching the news, checking the internet news sites etc for information on the war in Iraq.

At last my beloved spring is here. The dogwood in my backyard is in full beautiful bloom. My one lone dogwood sitting among tall pines, vines of poison ivy, and tree weeds. I call them tree weeds because no one seems to be about to identify them and they just grow all over the place. Only weeds grow that green and lush. Figures.

I have a huge window in my office that’s really one half of the wall. The trees outside are showing small bits of green leaves, the azaleas are just starting to pop out. Squirrels are running around like crazy chasing each other, and they come up to my window every once in a while to stare or dance with their reflection.

We went to Manteo last weekend where the azaleas are in full glorious bloom, the wisteria was practically dripping off of every tree and their sweet smell lingered in the air. Mock Orange and Hyacinth will be blooming here soon. They make the whole downstairs of my house smell wonderful.

This is what I love most about spring, the promise of something new. Everything coming out of its winter slumber, freshening up the flower bed, bags of mulch and the smell of freshly cut grass. It makes me even more appreciative of where I live, of where I come from. I just cannot imagine living anywhere else, ever. I’m not exactly a homebody. I love to travel around and see new sights. But I love being home.

I still have very strong memories of going on family vacations. Usually we drove to Florida and stayed with relatives. We would go to Disney, Weekie Wachie Springs, Sanibel Island, then to Jacksonville or Saint. Augustine for the day. Those were great trips. Thankfully, these were not like Griswold family trips, although my brother and I would test our parents' patience with all the calls of "MOM she’s touching me", or, "MOM he’s sticking his finger up his nose!" This, of course, temped my Dad to say "Don’t make me pull this car over!"

But I always loved coming home. I liked to be the first one in the front door. I wanted to be first to smell home. I think as a preteen it was just one of those things I kept to myself. I’m sure Mom knew, but I guess it’s only as adults that we verbalize how we felt as youngsters.

Anyway, we’d open up the house, draw back the curtains and open all the windows. Mom always said it was to get that "shut in" smell out of the house before we'd turn on the window unit air conditioner. I never thought of it as that, it was just home to me. Then we’d unpack and get stacks of laundry ready to be done. OK, so the laundry wasn’t so much fun, but it was part of what I love about my memories of home.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but it’s the nose that really lets you know where you are.

Until next time......



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