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Donna Gets it Right ----

1 -15 -03

Joe Shmoe

I’m going to go further from one of my earlier columns regarding Reality TV. "Joe Millionaire" is my new target. Oh, I am all over this one.

The lengths women will go to for a man are absolutely incredible, and on TV to boot. I love the separate interviews they do, especially after something "BIG" has just happened. They try to justify bad behavior by saying things like, "I’m just naturally competitive", or "If she had just run like an idiot up the stairs like the rest of us, she would have gotten her choice of the pretty dresses." No one really said that, but at least it would have been more truthful.

The only real truth to this show and others like it, is that single attractive women who make it through the screening process and get on the air are made to look like ruthless witches. Well, okay, some of them are. They have no regard for the rest of the "ladies". All they are thinking about is: "I gots to get me dat man, and the fact that he has $50 mil is just icing on the cake. "Oh, he just has this million dollar smile."


What would have made this a little more interesting is if they had gotten a guy that wasn’t that great looking. Just an average looking Joe. Someone that none of these women would give the time of day in the real world. Someone that looked a little more like George from Seinfeld.

This Joe Millionaire guy is good-looking though, so it can cushion the blow of finding out that his "million dollar smile" is only worth about $19 Thousand and Change. Watching women fall all over themselves over attractive men is not all that challenging. Seeing them act that way over a guy who looks like a human troll doll would have been much sweeter. That way, the look on the winning girl's face would make it all worthwhile when she finds out there ain’t no $50 mil, as he pulls up on his back hoe to whisk her off to his roach-infested apartment. Now that’s REALITY TV for ya.

This show will end up just like all the other shows of the genre: No one will end up with anyone. You don’t meet the Love Of Your Life that way. You’re lucky if you meet someone to love under normal conditions. When the cameras are turned off, and everyone goes home and REAL reality hits them, they look at each other and run screaming in the opposite direction.

But, they will have had their faces on the ol' boob tube for one hour every week, crying, whining, and generally behaving like the vapid bimbos they are. As long as these shows stay on the air, women and men will keep lining up to get their chance.

I’m just waiting for the "Who wants to meet George Clooney" show. Now I’d stand in line to be on THAT.

Until next time……



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