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Editorials ----

7-10 -02

Pink Flamingos are keeping me up at night -

Anybody who knows me or regularly reads this section knows by now that I live in Florida. I've been asked on several occasions why I didn't move back to Highland Springs after I left the military. Well, one of the main reasons is that most of the people I knew from my youth had also left the town. I ended up spending about 18 years in California and always hearing that there were some people from HS living out there also. I didn't find out that Janet Robinson and Harry Shelton lived out there, not too far away, until I moved back to the east coast. See? We lose touch and that is one of the main reasons for the site. So please spread the word. Twist people's arms and get them to sign up. Also, USE THE MESSAGE BOARDS!

Okay, I went off on a tangent. Back to the Florida thing. As you can well imagine, there are quite a few yards down here where people have pink lawn flamingoes in their yard. Where the Hell do they get these things? I'm starting to feel like I am missing the boat on lawn flamingos or something.

Now, normally I wouldn't want the lawn flamingoes except as a joke. That was until I found out that I couldn't locate any of the pink plastic little devils. This is starting to bug me. Am I being excluded from the Pink Plastic Lawn Flamingo Club? Is there a world wide pink plastic lawn flamingo shortage? Surely, somewhere in the world there are hundreds of workers slaving night and day to fulfill the world's need for pink plastic lawn flamingoes. Have the pink plastic lawn flamingoes been inadvertently sent to the wrong states? States where they are just sitting on the back corner of shelves in Wal-Mart and K-Mart gathering dust? I'm asking all of you, to please, go out and look in the garden departments of the local Wal-Marts and K-Marts etc. and try and locate pink plastic flamingoes and help me solve this mystery.

I need some pink plastic lawn flamingoes…so I can sleep at night. But, then again…who will watch over the flamingoes to assure they won't be stolen? Until next time, you can catch me aimlessly wandering up and down the aisles of department stores muttering about pink plastic flamingoes.


Member FIRES BACK >>> Read the Response from Denise Feldman (Reynolds), class of '75. GO >>>



A Lesson in Procedures -

Okay, enough of the belly button lint! The new site is up and some things from the old site are gone and some will return. By now most of you have realized that you must sign up for the site. Many people have not returned in a while and hopefully they will get an email from Dan prompting them to do so. The good news is that lots of people are coming back and signing up. Unfortunately there are those of you out there who just can't seem to follow instructions (I'm starting to sound like Mr. Mehfoud).

There are two problems that seem to keep cropping up. The first one is that some people want to deviate from the prescribed format we picked for the user names. This format is picked for a reason. The reason is that it allows the search feature to find you and for people to recognize who you are by your user name. Duh! Dan has been real hesitant to call people on this but, I don't mind being the bad guy. I've learned it's okay to do this from being a Sgt. for so long in the Marines. Somebody has to do it. Besides, you are all my friends or potential friends and if your friends can't tell what you are doing wrong then who can? Besides, It's our website and we get to make the rules! NYAH! NYAH! NYAH! (Just kidding!)

But, here is what is going to have to happen. YOU MUST USE THIS FORMAT FOR YOUR USER NAME: (First name by which people knew you)(Last Name in High School)(Last two digits of your Class year). EXAMPLE: JackAdkins73 No made up screennames. No married names. No full class year etc.

If you have failed to do this one of two things will eventually happen. Dan will either fix it for you, or he will delete your user name and email you that you will have to sign up all over again. I suspect it most likely will be that he will fix it as it will be easier on him in the long run. So, please read the instructions carefully.

Now the second problem..(I told you there was a second problem didn't I?) After people are signing up, they are not activating their account by clicking on the SECOND link in their confirmation email. YOU MUST DO THIS TO ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT. Some people are just deleting the email without really reading it and then are not able to activate their account. Once again, this means Dan or I will have to do it for you. Please activate your accounts after signing up by clicking on the SECOND link in the confirming email you will receive after you sign up..

Last but not least. Several people have graciously asked about how much it is costing to keep this site up and what can they do to contribute to the cost of maintaining the site. First of all, this is a NON PROFIT SITE. However, since it also belongs to you the members, you are allowed to contribute to the cost of maintaining it's presence on the web. If you feel generous and would like to help, email Dan Zodun and he will supply you with the info on where to send any baubles and beads or stocks and bonds etc.

I'm done for this time. Great job on those reunions and I am glad to see the site is helping. Please continue to use it. That's what it is here for.

Luv ya...Mean it


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Please send us your feedback, what you like, what we can do better, and what just stinks. We will post the good ones on the Your Two Cents Page (minus the profanity, of course).





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