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Donna Gets it Right ----

8-18 -02

Reality TV-people are Nuts ---

I HATE REALITY TV. I guess it all started with MTV's The Real World. Real -- yeah, right. These shows have sunk lower and lower with each new program. I admit I have watched some of them here and there. (I mean, how can you formulate an opinion if you don't watch.) The thing is though, it's like watching a car accident. You don't want to
look. You try not to look. But most of the time, you end up looking. To me, watching reality TV is like inviting a car wreck into your home, night after night.

Since it was the first, I'll start with The Real World. Living with cameras turned on you 24-7 will never constitute real life. Oh sure, they acted real. But the operative word here is acted. Seven strangers picked to live in a house ..... is how it begins. They get to live in a phat house (cool word huh?) Then all they do is complain. They whine, and cry and fight. Not unlike my 10 and 6 year old. And only a handful of them actually had jobs. Oh, that's real.

After the first season of The Real World, those seven strangers got stranger and stranger. Casting it must have been a hoot -- picking kids who could under NO circumstances get along. Otherwise, there would be no reason to watch. Frankly, they could have set themselves on fire, and it still wouldn't have been worth watching. A few copycat shows have followed.

Then there are the reality shows that actually have a goal. And it is the ultimate goal, CASH. Cash will make people do just about anything. Tonight on Dollars for Dopes, six beautiful people are going to walk blindfolded across this greased beam, 450 feet above a lake of boiling lava. If they make it across without falling (and we secretly hope that at least two of them do -- fall, that is), we have a lovely platter of bull testicles and goat eyeballs waiting for them to nosh. The first one to finish without puking wins! Yikes.

I wouldn't say that watching someone try to hold back a hurl is my idea of entertaining. Remarkably, to me that is, more and more people are tuning in to these kinds of shows. Three of them are consistently rated in the Nielsen Top 10 list. Frankly, I would rather watch a weekend marathon of Joe Blow's Fishing Show on the Bass Masters Network. At least that would help me get some sleep.

Until next time.....



Get it ALL right!
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Get it ALL Right!

Catch up on Donna's other columns!



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