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ALMOST EVERYBODY has been sent to the Principal's Office at one time or another. At the time, it seems that the teacher that sent you there just had it in for you and that the discipline meted out is unjust. As we look back later, we realize that the administrators really had our best interests in mind, and, besides, they had a school to run.

This page will focus on the folks that run the Principal's Office -- from the Principal to the Assistant Principals and the Secretaries that make the place work.

Victor W. Kreiter was Principal at Highland Springs High School for many years. Although he was a big man with an expression that seemed to be locked into some sort of permanent scowl, he was really a nice guy. I don't remember him ever getting visibly upset. His authority seemed to flow from that quality that Gary Cooper had: He spoke softly but firmly, and NOBODY wanted to mess with him.

Mr. Kreiter passed away years ago, but I am sure that most of the students that attended HSHS during his years as Principal remember him fondly. He was quite an athlete at Emory and Henry College, from which he graduated in 1939. He is in the Emory and Henry College Sports Hall of Fame, and the Highland Springs High football stadium is named in his honor.

Anyone with a remembrance of Mr. Kreiter is invited to post them on the Message Board


We hope to be adding more about the Principal's Office soon, covering some of the Administrators and Secretaries that made the place go.

This area is meant for interesting and amusing recollections of the Principal's Office. No venting of old grudges will be done here.

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When you look back at the stuff we did as kids, there are some pretty crazy (sometimes stupid) things we did.

Springers are invited to post Office stories on the Message Board.

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