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Editorial ----


Lighting up is getting harder in South Florida --

As many know, I live in the state of Florida. I know, I know - Florida, the home of hanging chads, old retired Yankees, poodle worship, gators etc., etc. Well, Florida has also been known as the last bastion of freedom for people who smoke cigarettes. Long after it has been banned everywhere else in the country, you could still light up and puff away in a restaurant in good ol' Florida.

Well, that's about to come to an end. Laws are currently being brought into play that will not only eliminate Florida's smoking, choking free-for-all, but that will further tighten things up for people everywhere else too. I say, good. Why? Like many people, I am an ex-smoker. Heck, I even worked for Philip Morris for a while when I was younger. Let me tell you though…smoking is a bad thing. It will hurt you. I quit smoking because my youngest son begged me to quit and said "Please quit, Daddy! I don't want you to die!" He was about 6 years old then. He is now 20 and, much to my great disappointment, smokes. I asked him to please quit because I don't want him to die, and it has so far fallen on deaf ears.

People are doing a lot of complaining down here because they won't be able to smoke in restaurants when the new laws go into effect. I say, tough…Boo, Hoo, Hoo! Did you know that in almost every restaurant a woman can not breast-feed her baby because patrons might find it offensive? What could possibly be offensive about a baby being breast-fed? Yet these same restaurant owners will allow someone to pollute the air in a place where people eat. These restaurant owners are afraid that smokers will not patronize their restaurants if they can't smoke. Apparently, there are not enough breast-feeding mothers out there to worry restaurant owners over their lack of possible patronage. If you are lucky enough to see a mother breast-feeding her baby, then you are witnessing one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

I think a group of mothers, say 30 or so, should all go to one restaurant after another and simultaneously feed their babies. The restaurant owners might see that the world is not going to come to an end. Unlike smoking, I've never heard of anyone dying from breast-feeding.

- JA


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