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Editorial ----


Clean Pot Holders and Shiny Tools --

AFTER MANY MONTHS of complaining that I am tired of being the only person flapping their gums on the website, I have succeeded in tricking, uh, I mean, convincing, another person to join me on these pages. This brave volunteer columnist happens to be a woman. All you women who might have had a different opinion on things I’ve discussed now have a representative voice in the pulpit.

Starting today, the Fling section will offer the wit and wisdom of Donna Jenkins Monnin. We're glad to have her on board. Welcome, welcome.

Along with this new development, I am working on some content for a Music & Arts section. We were fortunate at HSHS to have a great number of talented individuals, musicians and artists alike. If you have any art, poetry, music lyrics, or photography etc. you would like to contribute, please feel free. Send me an e-mail, and we can figure out how to get your talent into the site.

We are still looking for new RECIPES for the web site’s Cafeteria area. And I thought I read somewhere on the site that the recipe for the cafeteria’s hot rolls was available.

As so may have guessed by now, cooking and food is near to my heart. Speaking of which, why is it that women will not allow you to use pot holders that are hanging up in the kitchen and conversely will not allow you to hang up the used ones. That, I’m afraid, is Fuzzy Logic. Who cares if the kitchen utensils are battle scarred? I mean each burn and each spot are reminders of family dinners past. Memories to be cherished. They should be hung up and displayed like cherished family photos.

If I were to apply that logic to my garage, I would have to have two sets of tools. One set would be for display purposes and one would be for actual work. I can see it now, my neighbor comes over and asks if he can borrow a drill and we go into the garage where his eyes light up as he sees my tools on the wall mounted pegboard. “Wow Jack, This is quite an impressive display of tools!. In fact, this drill hanging here will do nicely.”

“Oh no,.” says I. “You can’t use these tools. They are for display only. If you used one of these I couldn’t hang it on the wall again. Why, I’m afraid I’d have to go out and purchase another one.”

“I see your point…” says my neighbor, “What happens when you need a tool?”

“ I go right to these drawers,” I respond, “and pull out one of these scuffed ones for actual use.”

“Man!” exclaims my neighbor, “A complete extra set, and they’re color coordinated too! You’re a regular Martha Stewart and Bob Vila combined!”

“That’s right,” I say. “I owe it all to my wife and her pot holders.”


Sound Off!

Your Two Cents

This is your chance to Fire Back on anything Jack had to say, especially if you think he is full of it. Use the form below, or post to the Message Board.

If you don't feel like taking Jack down a peg or two, send us your feedback, what you like, what we can do better, and what just stinks. We will post the good ones on the Your Two Cents Page (minus the profanity, of course).





Donna Gets it Right!

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