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You Don't Know Jack --


Crying Towel -
I've done it now. I've let a whole month slip by without flapping my yap. That's okay. I have a GIANT EXCUSE. Here it goes. (Get out the Whining towels!) I've been working 12 hour shifts plus overtime, got married (for the 3rd and final time), attending school 4 nights a week, studying for a state certification, hunting for and buying a house, selling a car, and doing illustrations for the new SpringerConnection site. Wah, Wah!!

Hey, It's all good! Dan Zodun has been working furiously on the programming responsibilities of the new site and I am wandering around through the house among packed and semi-packed cardboard boxes not being able to find anything. I ask my wife "Where is...(fill in the blank)?" and she says "Sorry, Already packed!"

If everyone will bear with me another month or so, I should be back somewhere close to a normal routine. I sometimes wonder if anyone reads any of the garbage that I write in here. I have gotten a few responses back. So, I know a few people have read this. I would love for some other members to jump in and write about some things too. That way I would have something to read from time to time. I know there are many of you out there who lead much more exciting lives than I do and I'm sure you have much info you could share with the "rest of the class".

For those of you I have corresponded with over the last few months, "Hey! How's things going?". I know we are all very busy. I was emailing back and forth with Donah Miller pretty regularly. Talk about busy! I think she is working on another Masters degree, running a business and being an environmental activist simultaneously. Hey Donah!

To all of our new joinees...Welcome.


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Please send us your feedback, what you like, what we can do better, and what just stinks. We will post the good ones on the Your Two Cents Page (minus the profanity, of course).





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