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Donna Gets it Right ----

11-16 -02

Counterpoint: Christmas is the BEST Holiday
(in response to Jack's editorial)

OK, Jack, I'll slap ya (grinning). Come on, don't be a Gloomy Gus. I think Christmas is the best holiday. I believe it's what we make it. If we want to make it fun and a wonderful family holiday, we can. But we can also get angry and only see the commercialism. If we choose the latter, I think we're missing out on what could be a great time. Sorry, Jack, I'm not picking on you, I just couldn't help myself when you asked someone to slap you.

For all my cynicism and sarcasm, I've never been one to think of Christmas as a crock or totally commercial. Sure the retail stores go berserk every year, decorating earlier and earlier, and yes, I also think that ghosts and goblins next to Santa is creepy. Frankly I don't care for Halloween, a day that could just come and go as far as I'm concerned. If my kids want candy, I'll buy it. Anyway, back to Christmas.

One of the things that gets me in the holiday spirit is Christmas movies. Some of them have become traditions in my house. Though not all are for children. One of these is Christmas Vacation, we just cannot get enough of Clark losing it after the dog, cat and the squirrel demolish his house. Another is Scrooged. I think Bill Murray as Frank Cross has some of the funniest lines in comedy. "We can't seem to get the antlers to stay on this little mouse", Franks response, "have you tried staples?"

More family type ones are, of course, It's a Wonderful Life, and my personal favorite, A Christmas Story. Watching Ralphie's face when he opens his coveted Red Rider BB Gun is a great moment. I also like the Scrooge, the one with George C. Scott. He's a good grouch.

Christmas music is also great. My kids love the novelty songs, like the classic Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. And I don't know if this one is nationwide, but they play it here, it's a version of Blue Christmas as sung by Porky the Pig. Just a guy playing guitar and singing, but there's another guy in the background giggling the whole time. Which makes all of us giggle.

My kids know the deal regarding Santa, they call it "knowing the secret" and they are OK with it. They enjoy watching their little brother get all excited about it. We don't go bananas with spending, everyone gets presents, and there is lots of fun and food. Always lots of food.

We also have an open house at Christmas. We invite family, friends and neighbors into our home, which smells like a wonderful combination of something baking in the oven, ham biscuits and fresh coffee. The lights from the tree and the banister give off a homey glow, and Christmas music plays in the background.

It's the time of year that I miss my Dad the most. He always made Christmas so much fun. He was just a big kid himself.

And so Jack, I will give my Mother that hug, because this year, just like every year, she is the star on our tree too.

Until next time.....


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