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Donna Gets it Right ----

9 - 10 -02

Twirling, School's In and Cynicism is Out! ---

A few Saturdays ago, I needed to run some errands. I always do the "Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Mo" thing to see which of my children gets to go with me. My 6 year old won this particular time. When we got in the car, she turned to me and said, "Mommy, for today, I'm going to twirl everywhere we go, is that OK?" "Yes" I say, "that's fine with me, just be careful and don't hit anyone,OK?" "OK", she says, bouncing excitedly up and down in her seat. We get to the bank, get out of the car, and sure enough, she starts twirling. From the car to the door. She got dizzy, stopped, but resumed twirling when we got into the lobby. There was hardly anyone there at the time, so I didn't mind.

When we reached the teller, she stopped again and got that Look on her face. That Look we all got when we twirled. The head spinning, disoriented, giddy, wonderful feeling we got from twirling as children. Knee surgery and, well, a few extra pounds keep me from twirling anymore, but I sure remember twirling like it was yesterday. We all did it right?

I remember twirling with half my neighborhood, and my neighborhood was mostly boys. So it wasn't just a girl thing. The boys made a contact sport out of it, as most boys would do. And they did not call it twirling, it was called "Spinning". They would spin and spin, then see if they couuld knock each other down before they themselves fell over. What mostly happened was a bunch of bumped heads and a fat lip or two.

As I watched my daughter twirling, totally carefree, it made me long for those days when I was that way. Not a care in the world. Where the only thing to care about was what kind of lunch box I was going to get for school, who was going to be in my class, or if my Mom was going to let me get my ears pierced.

This time of year always brings back those memories. The start of a new school year. I love buying my kids their school supplies,new pencils, notebooks and big boxes of crayons. And what makes it more fun is they are just as excited as I am. Maybe the saying, "Kids keep you young" really is true. I used to think it was a crock, and that kids are the ones that give you gray hair. Well, that may be true too, but for now, I'll put my cynicism on hold, enjoy this time of year and look forward to fall. Maybe I'll go buy myself a new lunch box.

Until next time.....


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