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Donna Gets it Right ----

9 - 18 -02

Road Trips and New Cars

I hate going on long trips with my husband if I'm not allowed to drive at least part of the way. I'll bet that most men, like my husband, think they are the only ones on the road who know how to drive. Of course, if that were true, there would be practically no accidents and cops would have no one to pull for speeding. Sure, women get speeding tickets too, but it's only because we're late to get somewhere. It's not because we enjoy speeding, right ladies? And it was probably our husband's fault that we were late in the first place. Anyway....

My husband will get angry at a driver he thinks is an idiot. (This person hasn't necessarily done anything to him yet. He's just not driving up to my husband's standards.) He'll then go into a 10-minute monologue about what he thinks this bad driver MIGHT do, starting with the moment that he MAY cut us off in traffic, to the scene where we drive off the lot in the new car "that idiot" will be buying us. He always seems to forget the part where we're all in the hospital with broken bones and massive internal injuries. I guess that would take the fun out of getting a new car.

Now don't get me wrong, my husband is a good driver, we have a family, and he knows we have precious cargo. I just hope my kids won't think that's a good way to get a new car. I very calmly explain to them that Daddy is having a moment, and that there is a driver ahead that's not being a good boy. And, I say to them that if I ever hear them repeat any of the words that Daddy just said, they're dead meat. They roll their eyes. I just smile and wink.

I don't think we have anything to worry about though. They've never asked when the new car is going to arrive.

Until next time.....


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