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Editorial ----


Lauderdale, Attack Show Dogs and Beanie Baby Millionaires --


People ARE crazy. Yep, no doubt about that. I had the opportunity to go down to Fort Lauderdale the other day. While I was down there I couldn’t help but notice the wide-ranging assortment of people. It ran the whole gamut from the outrageously affluent to the homeless guys talking to themselves in the street.

The funny thing about Fort Lauderdale, it being a beach town and all, is that these different types of people are all right there rubbing elbows with each other. Normally there is some kind of social barrier between those who are well off and those who are on the next lower rung of the ladder. To watch this strange mix of people try to coexist on the same planet one needs only to stand on a corner for about 15 minutes and observe. Or for an even closer view, go to any large chain grocery store around 9pm. It’s a trip.

Speaking of things I find strange, people are often categorized as being either a “Dog” or “Cat” person. That’s pretty normal but, what about the people who take a bit farther? I’m talking about the “Show Dog” crowd, the people whose whole existence revolves around their pets. Have you seen those bumpers stickers they put on their cars that say “CAUTION: Show Dogs!” I mean, what’s that all about? Why should I be cautious? What’s there to be cautious about? Is some Show Dog going to jump out of the car and strike a pose or something with the purpose in mind of making me laugh so hard I have a heart attack and keel over? Is that what I have to be cautious about?

A couple of years ago it was not an uncommon sight to see a retired couple suddenly veer their car into a flea market parking lot with no signals at all (almost causing a major traffic accident) because they saw a sign that said “Beanie Babies 4 Sale”. Now, any grown man who becomes a collector of Beanie Babies or is sucked into the collecting of Beanie Babies needs to have his head examined. Besides, Beanie Babies were supposed to be a great investment. So where’s the Beanie Baby Millionaires? Did the Beanie Baby collectors ride out the recent drop in the stock market by converting all their stocks and bonds into Beanie Babies? Not!

Take a tip from me. Collect something that everyone else is not collecting like I do. I collect two-headed troll dolls. After ten years, I’m still searching for my first one.


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