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You Don't Know Jack Adkins

Editorial ----


After buying a motorcycle...

This fall, after up and buying a motorcycle, I decided to attend the Daytona Beach Biketoberfest. I took off on a Saturday morning on Hwy 50 out of Spring Hill alone, as my two bike trip compadres wimped out. But have no fear, for it wasn’t long until four other bikes appeared from behind. We all played a cat-and-mouse game, trying to get ahead of the cars on the road and make some time up Hwy 50. In Orlando, two of the bikers split off and went their own way, while the two guys from St. Pete, O`Neil and Joe, rode with me all the way to Daytona. In Daytona, we rode around together for a while until we got separated in traffic. I met up with them again in traffic a little bit later. We stopped and took pictures and agreed to meet at the Iron Horse saloon that evening. The Iron Horse was so wild and crazy, with what seemed like a sea of people, that we never did find each other again.

Aside from all the expected goings-on that are associated with an event of this nature, there were unexpected things, like concerts by 38 Special, Lynnard Skynnard and Rick Derringer. And there was something else that I didn’t expect.

But wait. I decided that, before making a pronouncement of this kind, I would confirm it as truth by further investigation. Therefore, I attended three more biker events: the anniversary party at Tampa Harley-Davidson, the Plant City Bike Fest and Mike’s Dockside Bike Night. The evidence is in, and it is overwhelming.

Yes folks, it’s true. The Harley-Davidson biker enthusiast crowd is the most polite, well-behaved group of this size that I have ever encountered. From their outward appearance, these people looked ready to stomp a baby duck on a dare at a moments notice. But looks can be deceiving; they are as good a group of people as you would ever hope to meet. I never saw one instance of impoliteness, arguments, or ill-mannered behavior at any of the four events I attended. You couldn’t get a group of politicians together and get them to behave so well. Take Congress, for example.

If you have never been to Bike Week or Biketoberfest in Daytona, let me tell you what to expect. There are parties. There are gazillions of bikes going up and down the road. There are women. There are parties. There are vendors galore. There are displays of all kinds of custom bike builders. There are concerts. And more parties. And concerts with parties built around them. And more bikes in the middle of all this than you can imagine. Bikes are lined up and down both sides of the street while others are cruising up and down the street. And those are just the side streets! Did I mention that there are parties?

It appears that Florida is bike central. I have more motorcycle events going on this weekend than I can count on both hands. The biggest issue is deciding which event to go to.

If you want to have a good time, go out and get yourself a bike. Join in the fun.



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