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Editorial ----


End of the Year Potpourri --

Well, friends and loved ones, 2002 is all but done. Or, maybe by the time you read this it will be done. I recently traveled up to Virginia from Florida to attend a SpringerConnection get-together and was rewarded with a great time and lots of warm fuzzies from all involved. For those of you who found out too late to attend, I apologize. Because not everyone reads the bulletin boards, I think we need to mass e-mail the notice of get-togethers in the future.

Of course, I took a lot of ribbing about Florida from everyone. People in Virginia love making cracks about the craziness that goes on in Florida, but I'll have you know that Virginia is not without its own wackiness. For instance, I picked up the newspaper the other day and, without even looking, found the following three weird articles about the land of my birth:

  • Item Number 1: Linda Tripp, of all people, starts a business with a company called "Christmas Sleigh", which is a year-round Christmas shop in Middleburg VA. I know that when I think of Christmas gift-giving, I naturally think of Linda Tripp first. Let's see, who did I buy that blue dress and beret for?

  • Item Number 2: There was a near riot at a Circuit City store in Colonial Heights when more people showed up for an autograph session with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (a.k.a. Steve Williams) than the store could handle. Say, didn't Steve Williams go to school with us?

  • Item Number 3: A deer runs amok through a Kroger grocery store in Blacksburg VA, then exits out the back door, where he is promptly struck by a van driving down the street. The deer escapes.

I noticed that the fox was the Roadkill Species of Choice during my trip to Virginia. I believe I saw about 25 foxes dead on the road this trip. Mind you, I usually never see foxes on the road. What drives a certain species to run out into the road at any give time? My bet is that the fox population is overcrowded this year and hunger forces them to cross highways in search of food.

I did get to go to Carneal's Restaurant in Highland Springs for a cheeseburger. While talking with Mr. Carneal's son, I discovered that he had gone to the SpringerConnection website and searched for the story on their restaurant. No doubt he was in need of the recipe for his dad's burgers. He needs to know that the secret is making hand-pressed patties from fresh meat, with onions cooked in the meat, and not using preformed meat patties.

I stopped at the local Hardees and got hot dogs. They were fantastic. Yeah, that's right, Hardees! It has something to do with Virginia. I have eaten hot dogs all over this country, and I am here to declare that you cannot get a really good hot dog outside of the Old Dominion, period.

On a serious note, I was saddened, as were we all, to hear of Lisa Blackwell Gill's passing. I got to see her sister Nita while I was up there. We hugged and I asked her to give my love to Lisa. She said that Lisa was very appreciative of all the cards and letters she had received, though she was not able to respond to them. They made her smile.

Lisa and I corresponded back and forth a few times before she went into the hospital. Lisa said that, although not an active participant, she enjoyed reading the postings on the message board. I thought everyone would like to know that.

Thanks to everyone for allowing Dan and me to bring you this site, and thank you all for joining up and participating. I wish you a safe and happy Holiday Season and a joyous New Year.

Hugs and kisses. I mean it.


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