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You Don't Know Jack Adkins

Jack AdkinsEditorial ----


Year-End Blessings

December is upon us, and not only is it a time to share the holidays with friends and family, but it's a time for us to reflect on the year that is coming to a close.

First of all, I want to say “Thank you” to the members of our Armed Forces who are away from home during this holiday season. They are overseas protecting our freedom and way of life, not only those in Iraq but those stationed around the world.

I especially want to remember those that have given the ultimate sacrifice and remember their families this time of year. Some of our website members are serving right now and I’d like for them to give us a “shout” on the messageboard and let us know how they are doing.

This has been an especially significant year for the SpringerConnection. I have made lots and lots of new friends and reconnected with old ones. One of the reasons Dan and I built this website was because we had our 30-year reunion coming up and we wanted it to be the best one that was ever held. I have to report that the reunion was fantastic! Our reunion committee did a fantastic job and I’d like to think the SpringerConnection website helped pull people in. I’ve got a feeling that the reunion in 2008 will be even better as the word gets out. Some of the lessons learned are passed on to other reunion committees and we hope the website helps them and is a useful tool.

Our website got a write up in Reunion Magazine this year, which is pretty cool. More publicity will come, I am sure. We have mixed emotions about getting this kind of widespread attention because frankly, the website is intended only for Springers. We did get an inadvertent joinee from Minnesota who mistook this website for a National reunion website. It was kind of flattering though.

I’m thankful to all of you who have purchased shirts and or sweatshirts from the website which helps us to cover some of our operating expenses. We had in mind all along that we wanted this website to become financially self-supporting, though not a source of income for ourselves. Our future goal is to establish some sort of SpringerConnection scholarship fund. The important thing is that it will be a scholarship not from Dan and me but from all of you. I think it will be cool if and when such as scholarship becomes a reality.

Speaking of cool and fun things, several members have decided to put together a SpringerConnection float for next year’s Homecoming Parade. Another quiet little project Dan and I are working on is trying to accumulate a library of HSHS Yearbooks. We are off to a good start but we sure could use some help. We have had a couple of benefactors assist us in the purchase of some yearbooks. One of them has gone way out of their way and the gesture brought tears to my eyes for sure. If anyone sees an old HSHS yearbook in any bookstore or has one lying around that you might want to donate to the cause…well, we would be extremely grateful to have it. The high school has a few for sale and we tried to get them to give us a price break but alas, the powers that be did not see things exactly our way. I was successful in showing our website to some sellers on eBay that had yearbooks listed and they were both kind enough to end their auction early and sell the books to us at a much better price than we could have bought them from the school for. Anyway, we will be looking at buying some more from the school in the near future.

Okay, for those of you who did not attend the Blast from the Past this year…make plans to attend the next one, because the 2003 version was truly a blast! Many thanks go to Vic Sorrell for putting this celebration together each year. Also, thank you to the Barracudas, and Nat King Kong, the bands that keep us rocking.

Our website membership has grown to more than 1,300. Believe me, that this waaaay cool. When I first conceived the idea of this website I never thought it would be this successful. The exciting thing about it is it is just beginning. Sure, we have had some growing pains, but good things rarely come easy. One of the things that I am guilty of is improper Messageboard etiquette. Yes, I admit it. I have been not very sensitive to how my posts are sometimes perceived by other members. My New Year’s resolution is to try and be more aware of how my posts might be perceived there. I ask all of you to join with me in being more gentle and kind on the messageboard. I know, I know, some you are probably saying, “Oh but I am. It is JACK who is the major culprit!” and you would probably be right. Just remember, we are a family here and we must look out for each other. You can’t always read emotions in a post and posts that may be meant in fun can hurt someone’s feelings. That’s where a generous use of the emoticons helps.

I would like to offer our condolences to those SpringerConnection members who have lost a loved one and I would like to take a moment to reflect on those Springers who have passed on. We have lost some teachers from HS over the past year, and as you may have noticed, we try to honor them on the website when we can. Some of you have been gracious enough to notify the rest of us of someone’s passing, and for that we are grateful.

Looking to the future, Dan is working hard on developing the code for the new Messageboard, and making sure the custom features developed for our current messageboard still work as they do now, including the Graduation-Year lookup, which is very popular and helpful. Believe you me that this requires a lot of coding and testing. Some of you (our former teachers, especially) will be glad that the new board will have a spell-check function.

So, may you all have a wonderful holiday and take the time to enjoy those around you and appreciate our blessings.



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