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You Don't Know Jack Adkins

Jack AdkinsEditorial ----


The '73 Reunion and the BLAST are now Past - -

THE 30-YEAR REUNION for the Class of `73 is now past and The Blast from the Past party is now a fading memory. One thing I keep hearing from those in attendance is what a wonderful time they had. I agree. I attended both and they were the most fun I have had in years. It was great seeing people again that I’ve not seen in years.

The cool thing about the Reunion is you can relive the experience by buying the video from Steve Powers (Click here to get the Video - only 25 bucks). The Blast from the Past can be relived through the pictures in the Yearbook Section of this site and by getting a copy of the Barracudas' and the Nat King Kong CD’s.

Quite frankly, I wasn’t sure about if I would enjoy the Barracudas because the last time I heard them they were a teenaged garage band. But, they quickly washed those doubts away and I really liked listening to their music. Karen Sorrell was circulating through the crowd dispensing "light-up" party favors that were a big hit with the crowd. I got a blue, lighted goblet with a flashing multi-colored glowing ice cube. Being the overgrown kid that I am, I loved the flashing party favors.

WE ARE GOING to be offering sweatshirts to members (price as of yet undetermined) for the Winter season as most of our members are in cold regions. I suppose you could use them as Christmas gifts too. More about the sweatshirts soon.

Speaking of Christmas, I noticed Wal-Mart started putting out battery operated thing-a-ma-gigs playing Christmas songs by the last couple of weeks in August, and now they are in full Christmas swing. Come on now! This is a bit asinine. You ought to try having "Silver Bells" running through your head when it is August in Florida and 100 degrees outside with 98% humidity. No wonder I am sick of the Christmas season before it gets here. There are now four more months to agonize over the Holiday season, then there is the Aftermath where they try to get you to buy all the left over crap in preparation for the next time the whole thing comes around too early. Okay, I am getting off my annual Christmas griping. I do it every year and I’m sure I’m beginning to sound like a broken record.

I MADE HUSH PUPPIES for the first time the other night. Man, they were fantastic! It’s not because I am a good cook, it’s because I had a great recipe to follow (I did deviate from it on my second batch by doubling the amount of minced onion and I added white shoe peg corn.). I’m telling you, they were awesome.

While in town for the Blast From The Past, I went to get my fix of barbecue at the Williamsburg Grill (formerly Andy’s) on Williamsburg Road in Sandston. They have great barbecue, Virginia-style of course. Some people will say it is just Carolina-style barbecue, but you know what? I got it in VIRGINIA, not North Carolina, and it makes a difference to me that can't be argued with. Anyway, the Williamsburg Grill has some pretty good hush puppies themselves, so if you haven’t been there yet, give it a try. The waitress is really nice and the restaurant is owned and run by the Stewart’s Restaurant family.

WE HAVE HAD A FLURRY of people signing up for the website, which is a good thing. It must mean that Dan and I are doing something right. When we were at the Blast to the Past, they called us up on stage for an impromptu speech about the website. I don’t remember what I said up there. In those situations, my brain tends to run my mouth in Auto-Speech mode. But I do remember a lot of people staring up at us like we were from Mars and we were announcing a group anal probing or something equally bizarre. Anyway, it seemed to have some effect on the crowd, as many people from the Blast party have joined the website.

So the moral is, “Parties Good, Website Good, All Good”, (in my best Neanderthal voice).

Until next time, I’m outta here.


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