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Editorial ----


May and Memories of Summer --

It's May! Woohoo!! That means Summer to me. Which means all kinds of outdoor stuff and, unfortunately for the website, not many people visiting as often as in the winter. That's okay. Just make it a point to check in once in a while in case there are any updates on reunions or get togethers. Speaking of summer, the SpringerConnection shirts are now available for pre-ordering. A must for your summer wardrobe. Check out the message board for the low down on how to order.

Many of the old icons of our youth (young people bear with me) are passing by the wayside. That's the way it goes for those of us that are getting older and grayer. Our youthful memories become just that…memories, as places, people, and things that made up our youth disappear from the landscape. (Young people listen up now!) I never thought these words would ever, and I mean ever, come out of my mouth or word-processor! I thought I would never get to this point in my life where I sit around and reminisce about the past. I have finally reached old fogey-dom.

What made me wax nostalgic like this is the passing of Mr. Carneal. My condolences go out to the Carneal Family and to Highland Springs. Now, no one would ever accuse Carneal's of being mistaken for a four star restaurant. Not even a one star. (I would love to see a restaurant review of Carneal's by Denise Feldman Reynolds. For those of you who do not know Denise Feldman Reynolds, HS Class of 1975, writes Fine Dining Restaurant reviews for Gold Coast magazine.) But, what Carneal's was…was a place to go grab a burger and fries without having to travel all the way to Eastgate Mall area or to Burger King on Williamsburg Road. There was no McDonald's or Popeye's or Hardee's in Highland Springs back then. Carneal's, like Parker's before it, gave us something we did not have access to. Greasy cheesy burgers! Yum. The big difference today is that kids can get burgers and what I call junk food, right in the cafeteria at school. So what is the incentive to skip out to Carneal's and get a burger?

I feel bad that the kids of today will never enjoy a 10¢ ice cream cone from Leigh Bowling Alley. A 12¢ comic from the Center Pharmacy is long gone. And when was the last time you sneaked a drink straight from the Curles Neck Dairy bottle in the refrigerator before your Mom caught you? Some of these things can never be recovered. But, what you can do is go to Carneal's and grab yourself a greasy cheesy burger before it is too late.

Until next time…see ya'll on the message board.



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