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Editorial ----


June's Pre-Reunion Spoutings --

Wow! June is here and my 30-Year Reunion is next month! Boy did that sneak up on me. Oh well, so much for losing weight and getting that hair transplant in time for the reunion. Actually, I did make an effort to lose weight for the reunion, which resulted in my gaining an additional 10 pounds. It must be the pressure of it all. Oh well, if you love me or hate me at 231 then there now is an additional 10 lbs more of me to either love or hate.

Now my biggest fear is that I won't recognize anyone. Everybody has seen what I look like from the pictures on the website so I should be easily recognizable. But me seeing them after 30 years is a different story. Are you kidding? I was having a hard time recognizing people 5 years out of HS. Some people (mostly the women) look very much the same. It's the men that seem to change. The main reason is we start to morph back into a semblance of our Cro-Magnon ancestors. We start growing hair on places where there was none before and lose hair where it counts the most…on top of our head. On top of that, the hair we have left turns gray and then we gain about 500 pounds. Who can recognize the guy you used to call "Beanpole" when he now looks like an 800-pound gorilla?

But you know what?

It's going to be great to see everybody again.

Okay, anxiety aside…I hope as many people as can…will…make it to the reunion. The shirts are going into production later this week and we will finally get that over with. If you haven't gotten your money in yet…well, I guess we may make the offer again in the future sometime…maybe.

Other news. There was some confusion over the Carneal's Tailgate and the Alumni Baseball Game. Whatever it was it resulted in neither one taking place. Does anyone want to volunteer to be the SpringerConnection Social Coordinator? I think we need one and it shouldn't be Dan or me. That's what I'm thinking.

Joey Fields: I am wondering can we get a ballgame together for the picnic at Dorey park on the 27th of June? I tried to email you but your email doesn't work. People, PLEASE keep your email addresses current in your profile. If you don't, it kind of defeats the purpose of belonging to the site.

Okay, I'm done shooting off at the mouth for this month. Adios!



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