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The Class of 1963 held their 40th Reunion the weekend of October 10-12 .... all weekend long!

Over a hundred were in attendance for a social on Friday night, as well as a picnic held on Saturday. The "real" Reunion held Saturday night brought out over 250 Springers and guests. It truly was a "Blast from the Past".

It was noted that classmates may not return to reunions in the same shape or size they were while attending HSHS, but you cannot change the heart and spirit of a true Springer. The heartbeat of the Class of '63 has not changed a bit. The weekend was filled with the warmth that always was the Class of '63.

All had wonderful memories to share with one another, but most of all the weekend gave us a chance to make new memories with bygone friendships. The Class will be holding a Christmas party December 12th at the home of Sharon Christian Burlee. Details will be posted on the message board.

If YOU HAVE some photos from the reunion that you want to share on this page, send them by E-mail to Dan, and he will add them to the page.

Class of '63 40th year reunion ---- Airport Holiday Inn, October 11, 2003
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Balloon Lady

Thanks to Vivian Brooke Bailey and Sharon Christian Burlee for snapshots from the 40-Year Reunion for the Class of '63. You did a great job.

OK -- who's got more photos from this Reunion? Send 'em HERE.

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Yearbooks Available!

There are yearbooks available all the way back to 1965.

The Yearbooks are $40 each. During the school year they are available by calling the school office.

Unfortunately, during the Summer, there is no Yearbook Sponsor/Coordinator at HSHS.

We are working to come up with a program that works for the school and the Alumni. We will keep you posted--